Vetstoria and OpenVPMS Integration

This article will walk you through the PIMS settings that are required to configure in OpenVPMS in order to set up the Vetstoria online booking tool. Please configure the following settings in your OpenVPMS instance.

Administrator access is required to perform these tasks

OpenVPMS version 2.1.2 is required

Step 1 - Setup Online Booking Practice Locations

  1. Navigate to Administration -> Organisation.
  2. Select Practice Location from the drop-down labelled "Type" and click  . The configured locations will be displayed.
  3. Double click on the listed practice location(s) or select the location and click on .
  4. Tick the checkbox 'Online Booking' and click to save.


For each Practice Location you wish to configure for Online booking, the above action(s) should be done.

    Step 2 - Creating An 'Online' Appointment Type For Online Booking

    1.  Navigate to Administration > Types and select Appointment Type from the drop-down labelled "Type".
    2. Click  at the bottom of the window

    3. Create an Appointment Type by the name “Online”(screenshot below). Tick the checkboxes 'Active' and 'Online Booking'. Enter the description as 'For Online Booking Only'.

    4. Click on Apply and click on to save.

    Step 3 - Assign The ‘Online’ Appointment Type To The Relevant Schedules

    1. Navigate to Administration -> Organisation, and select Schedule from the drop-down labelled "Type" and click  .
    2. Double click on the relevant Schedule that you wish to enable for Online Booking.

    3. Tick the 'Online Booking' checkbox. Select the 'Appointment Types' tab, click on to assign the 'Online' appointment type and click on  to save.


    If you have multiple Schedules i.e - Consult 1, consult 2, Nurse etc. that you wish to configure for Online booking, the above action(s) should be done.

    Step 4 - Setup The Online Booking API user

    1. Navigate to Administration -> Users and click and fill in the following information:

      Login Name: Booking
      Password: Open12345
      Name: Vetstoria
      Description: Online Booking API User (DO NOT DELETE)
      Active: Tick
      Title: None
      Online Booking: Tick
      Firstname, Lastname & Qualifications: Leave Blank
      Edit Preferences: Tick

    2. Click on 'Roles', scroll through the list of available roles and select 'Online Booking'. Press the arrow to apply it to the selected column. Click on  to save.

      image (7)-1


      Note: Once the above configurations are done, please share the "Username" and         "Password" with the Vetstoria support team (i.e.


      Any questions or queries, or if you need further help, please use the Contact Support form linked at the top of this page, or the chat function in the corner of your screen to contact our support teams.