How to configure Tang ready for Online booking

This article describes the configurations required to setup Vetstoria for clinics using Tang as their PIMS

Set accessible times for Online Booking

  1. Go to the front page and then to Bokning > Arbetsschema > Avancerad (Booking > Duty Scheme > Advanced).
    tang 1
  2. Create your duty plan as normal but remember to tick the box Bokningsbar från hemsidan (Bookable from the web). As soon as this box is ticked, the times will be available and bookable from Vetstoria on the Scheduling Tool.
    Tang 2
  3. It can be an advantage if you create a workplace called 'Online booking'. By creating a duty plan with the workplace 'Online Booking', you can easily see which appointment comes from the internet. (Refer to 'Create a Workplace' below)

How to make a 'Contact Reason' accessible on the internet

  1. From the front page go to Bokning > Kontaktorsak (Calendar > contact reason).

    Tang 3
  2. Search for the contact reason and tick Tillåt från webben (Allow from the web).
    Remember to press Spara (Save).
    Tang 4

  3. You can choose to create contact reasons that are made ONLY for online booking. These contact reasons can be given a specific color so when they are booked from the internet, they appear in the booking with this color.

How to create a workplace

Workplaces are used when you create a duty plan which is used in the calendar. Workplaces tell where or what a person is doing. An example could be if the clinic has several locations or you can create workplaces like operation, vacation and so on.

Here you will find workplaces:
tang 5

tang 6

  1. Fill in the name for the new workplace.
  2. Here you can choose to give the workplace a color.
  3. If you don’t want it to be possible to book on this duty plan ( eg. Vacation) then remove the tick in 'Kan bokas' (can be booked).
  4. You can choose to exclude the workplace from other departments. Please notice that all departments are included as default. If you want to exclude a department, click on the department's name and use the green arrow in the middle to switch the department over to the 'excluded list' on the other side. Press 'Spara' (Save)  and the new workplace is saved. Press 'Stäng' (Close).