How do I find block off's which have been setup on AVImark?

This article will walk you through the process of finding the existing block off's which have been setup on AVImark

  1. In your appointment calendar – click on “Out-Of-Office” - Schedule

    AVI monthly
  2. This window will show all of your scheduled block offs:
    AVi Monthly 3
  3. Click on the Doctor drop down to look through every doctor option as they may all have their own block offs scheduled:
    Avi monthly 2
  4. Double Click on each of the active scheduled block offs to open the “Change Block-off” window – in here see if “Weekly” or “Monthly” is selected.  Please pay attention to  ALL “Monthly” Block offs:

    monthly block off clarification 3
  5. To make “Apply Weekly/Monthly” show at a glance you can drag out the “Apply” column.

    In the “Block-Offs” window right click – View – Columns: 

    AVi Monthly 4
  6. Left click on the “Apply” option and drag and drop to the “Block-Offs” window:

    AVi Monthly 6
  7. You will not be able to see at a glance if it is scheduled weekly or monthly. 

    On the Calendar, you will notice your “On-the-Fly” block offs have a bold B in the upper right corner. Those that are scheduled under the “out-of-office” scheduler will not have the bold B in the upper right corner.