How do I configure Assisi for use with Vetstoria?

In order for Assisi to publish available appointment slots to Vetstoria, the rooms and appointment types (categories) need to be set up as per the steps that are given below


You need to create two sets of appointment types:

  • Blocking Appointment Types to allocate the types and quantity of slots available for
    online appointments.
  • Non-blocking Appointment Types for the clients to use when booking the appointments.
Click Settings on the Assisi Desktop -> Appointment Books -> Appointment Types
    Screenshot (36)-2

    Click New Type and fill in the details as follows.

    • Select a Colour from the drop-down list.
    • Tick Blocking for those types that you are creating to block off available slots in the
      online appointment display.
    • Do not tick Blocking for those types that you wish your clients to use when booking
      an appointment.
    • Make sure that you set the default appointment length for each category.
    • Publish Online must be ticked for both types.
    • Click Save  Screenshot (37)-2

    Note: You can, of course, use existing Non-Blocking Appointment Types – just make
    sure that Publish Online is ticked.

    Screenshot (38)-2


    Make sure that Publish to Vetstoria is ticked on the room configuration for each room for
    which you wish to allow online appointments.

    You should set up a one-week pattern of available online slots for each room, Monday to
    Sunday, which can then be copied forward throughout the book for a specified number of
    weeks (much like you block off unavailable slots currently - but make sure that you block off 
    individual slots as each slot will be available for one appointment only).

    1. Double click the relevant slot in the appointment room.
    2. Click Blocking, to display the blocking types only, and select one of the types from the
      drop-down list.
    3. Specify the length of the slot and click Save Appointment.

     4.   Repeat for each slot to be allocated.


    1.   Click Settings on the Assisi Desktop -> Appointment Books -> Copy Patterns.



    This section identifies the source of the pattern to be 

    2.   Select the Room Name from the drop-down list.

    3.   The Start Date should be the start date of your pattern.

    4.   Pattern Days is the number of days in your pattern, ie 7.


    This section identifies the room and dates to which the pattern is to be copied.

    5.   Select the same Room Name from the drop-down list.

    6.   The Target Date should be the Monday following the Start Date of the pattern (ie in this example you are copying the seven-day pattern starting on Monday 16th April to the same room starting the following Monday - 23rd April).

    7.   The number of Repeats is how many more weeks you wish this pattern to be copied, 52 
    would copy that routine for the following 52 weeks.


    8.   Click the Appointment Type that you wish to copy. This is important, otherwise, nothing will be copied.

    9.   Click the Tick to begin the copying process.

    10.   Repeat for each room.


    Note: Remember to close and re-open Assisi before you attempt to view the copied pattern.