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How do I create a Stripe Account?

This article will explain the steps you need to follow and activate your stripe account.


Your Stripe account needs to be activated by someone with significant management responsibility or control over the clinic. If that’s not you, please ask an authorized executive, senior manager, or business owner from clinic to complete this form.

You will need to also have in hand the following: 

  • Bank Details
  • Company Registration Number
  • Registered business address
  1. Go to https://dashboard.stripe.com/register
  2. Follow the instructions to create an account
  3. Once logged in, click on Activate Your Stripe Account as shown below:
  4. Stripe will then send you an email to verify your email address.
    verify stripe
  5. Open this email and click on Confirm Email address to complete the verification.
  6. Clicking, this button will redirect you back to Stripe. Go to Activate Your Stripe Account where you will be asked to enter the details of your business such as legal business name, company number, bank details, etc..
  7. Once you've entered all the relevant details required for your account activation, you will need to setup Two-Step Authentication for your account which will provide an additional layer of security the account. You can set this up via Text message or with the use of the Google Authenticator App.
  8. Once Two-Step Authentication is set up, the system will indicate that this is enabled on your account as shown below: 
    auth 3
  9. Click on Authorize access to this account to complete the authorization. 


If you require help with activating your Stripe account, we suggest you contact Stripe support via the following link: https://support.stripe.com/