How do I setup Multi Vet per calendar in Assisi?

This article will walk you through setting up a Multi-Vet per calendar on Assisi

Adding a Vet Code in Assisi

  1. Login to Assisi
  2. Open up the Appointment Book
  3. Select the date in the drop-down labeled "Base Date"
  4. Click on the grey colored cell on the calendar for which you wish to add the vet code
  5. Tick on the tick box labeled "All Day Event", enter the "Description" with the name of the vet followed by the "$$" code with no spaces in between the name and the code (ie. $$Adam) and select the Date and Time from the drop-down labeled "Date and Time" and click "Save Appointment" button.
  6. Now you will see the particular cell which is clicked under the instructions given in Step 4, which is highlighted in orange color with the name of the surgeon followed by $$ symbol.


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