How do I setup and enable the Facebook 'Book Now' button?

This article details how to setup your Facebook 'Book Now' button to link directly to your Vetstoria scheduling tool. Using the Facebook booking link allows usage to be tracked in your Analytics dashboard.

You will need to be an admin of your Facebook page, to be able to make the following changes.

Go to your clinic's Facebook page and on the top menu bar, click on 'Add a Button'. Or, if there is already a button in place, simply highlight the button and select 'Edit Button'.

The example below shows the button as 'Send Message' - the pencil shows you can edit this.


Buttons may look like the following...


2. Select the "Book Now" button by going to "Book our services".

3. Get your Facebook booking link from your Vetstoria scheduling tool in Settings > Integration > Facebook. And use the little 'Copy URL' button to grab the link:


4. Then paste this URL into the 'Website' field as shown:

5. Click "Save Changes" and you are done!

 Note that you can also add a booking button in any Facebook post:

  1. Paste the Facebook booking link into the Facebook post.
  2. Wait about 10 sec until Facebook create a booking button below the post.
  3. You can then remove the initial link and write your post.

Any questions or queries, or if you need further help, please use the Contact Support form linked at the top of this page, or the chat function in the corner of your screen to contact our support teams.