Introduction to Vetstoria Telemedicine

This article will give you an introduction to the Telemedicine tool offered by Vetstoria.


Vetstoria Telemedicine takes online booking a step further and allows your clients to book appointments for Video Consultations for those who are unable to travel to the clinic or if the clinic is closed due to unavoidable circumstances. 

The video below gives you a brief introduction to this module. 

720p Telemedicine - Pitch plus Vetstoria online booking quick intro 3.5 min


  • Quick Setup
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Fully integrated with your Vetstoria Platform
  • Video consultations that are safe and secure
  • Multi-Device, pet owners connect using mobile devices such as tablets and laptops, anywhere, anytime!
  • Set your own consultation fees and prompt your clients to pay online.
  • Display availability based on your calendar
  • No software installation required, once set up, you're ready to go. 


    Are there minimum requirements needed to use the Telemedicine tool?

    • Devices
      You'll want to be using a relatively up to date smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop.
      Whilst obvious, make sure you have access to a microphone and camera on these devices.
    • Bandwidth (Internet Speeds)
      Generally, a minimum bandwidth of 256kbps/512kbps (up/down) should be sufficient, ideally for the best experience 1Mbps/2.5Mbps.
      If using Mobile Data, 4G should also be sufficient.
    • Detailed Requirements
      You can find detailed information here: What are the minimum Hardware and Software Requirements?

    What browsers are supported for use with the Telemedicine tool?

    We are testing with as many devices as possible. Browsers should be WebRTC compatible. We highly recommend making sure your devices and browsers are updated to the latest versions.

    Chrome Firefox Safari Microsoft Edge (Chromium)
    Android - -
    iOS - - ✓* -
    Linux - -
    macOS ✓* -
    Windows -

    * iOS 11 or greater.

    Can the Pet Owner or Clinician rejoin the video consultation if they drop out?

    Yes, Pet owners can rejoin the video consultation by clicking on the video consultation link provided to them in case they accidentally drop out of the video conference while vets can simply re-start the consultation by restarting the consultation on the Vetstoria platform. 

    Can you book an appointment for a client who does not book online?

      Many of the requests for appointments may come in over the phone. You can easily book the appointment on behalf of the client through your website, or from your Vetstoria platform. This will then send the pet owner the confirmation email with the link to connect to the video consultation.

      What do I do if a client calls and needs a Video consultation?

      Please proceed to access the booking tool and make the appointment on behalf of the client. e.g from the Website or from within the Telemedicine dashboard.

      Can the Telemedicine tool accommodate out of hour bookings?

      Please contact us on  to discuss this with one of our product specialists.

      Where can I get more support if I have questions?

      Our support teams are on hand and can answer any of your questions or help with your configuration. Just email them at

      Upcoming Features

      • Improved alerts for the clinician when a pet owner joins the video conference.
      • Updating a consultation's status (Completed, Missed, No Show) only after the appointment is started.
      • Improved visibility of a clinician's active consultations.
      • Improved visibility of when a client has joined the call and is waiting, by way of an audiovisual cue in the upcoming appointments list.
      • Google Calendar Integration (For clinics who use a practice management system not currently supported, or want a stand alone solution)
      • Payment integration to pre-authorise payment for the consultation from the pet owner.