What do I do when the appointment booking fails at the confirmation step (AVIMark-VetData)?

This article will guide you through the process of necessary actions to be taken when the appointment booking fails at the confirmation step (AVIMark-VetData).

There is a probability that the online booking service may fail at the confirmation step. Most of the time this is due to a synchronisation issue between your AVImark service and Vetstoria. Please refer the following procedure explained in this document in order to re-enable this synchronisation.

Connecting with the Covetrus Connect\Marketplace

1.  Start Covetrus Connect.

2.  Make sure the program is running by checking for the icon in the system tray in the bottom            right corner of the screen next to the date and time.

3.  If Covetrus Connect icon is not visible, you can run it simply by double-clicking the icon on             the desktop (there should be a shortcut).


Restarting the VDSDirectorService

1.  Open the "Services" application by clicking the "Start" menu on the left bottom corner of             the screen and simply type "Services" on the search text box.

2.  "Services" window will open and locate the service called "VDSDirectorService".

3.  Right-click on the "VDSDirectorService" and click "Restart".


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